Star Viewing

Always wanted to look through a real telescope? From the end of September until the beginning of April there will be viewing evenings held at the Sonnenborgh. With your own eyes you will see gas nebulas, planets and a close up view of the surface of the moon. Friday (between 8 and 9:30pm) and Saturday (between 7:30 and 9pm with kids program) evenings will be focused on the night sky.

The evening will start with a talk on stars and planets (in dutch). Each week there will be a different subject: 'The Destiny of the Solar System', 'The Life of Stars', 'Under the Spell of the Rings' and 'Falling Stars and Stones from Space'.

Surveying the Heavens
After the lecture there will be a tour of the 150 year old observatory. We take you to visit the Meridian Room (Meridiaanzaal) where time was measured and to look at the telescopes. During clear weather everyone can look through the telescopes and see the stars for themselves. Dependent upon the time of year, examples of things to see include: The rings of Saturn, the moons and cloud banks of Jupiter, the birth of new stars in Orion’s Belt or the craters, mountains, ravines and lava flows on the Moon.

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Star Viewing

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